Stop the #1 Cause of Aging Skin


by Staff Writer Brian Douglas

Want to look younger than your age?

You know what they say, “A moment on the lips a decade on the hips”. But in all reality it should be “A moment on the lips, a decade on your looks”. We’re talking about GLYCATION, natures little aging machine. To save you all the scientific mumbo jumbo, Glycation is a natural process where sugar molecules bond with proteins like Collagen and Elastin and cause them to malfunction resulting in aged looking skin. These malfunctions are the #1 cause for: Wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, dark circles, crows feet, discoloration, weak skin structure, loss of firmness, and many more.

The glycation process has been going on in our bodies all our lives, but when we reach our late 20’s and early 30’s the production of new skin cells begin to slow down and we start losing the war between glycated proteins and healthy proteins. You don't normally hear about Glycation because there hasn't been a truly effective treatment...Until Now!

Vive la France! Did the French Really Discover the Fountain of Youth?
If you remember in an earlier CYA issue we reported the French had discovered an anti-glycation treatment that had remarkable clinical results. Well, more like crazy super good results. They reportedly could help stop the glycation process and even return already glycated proteins back to a normal healthy state thus reversing damage already done. We did everything humanly possible to get samples sent from Paris but ran into customs issues. Well, now we know who’s making the french discovery available here in the US. A company called AminoGenesis just began distributing AGE Control dual treatment anti glycation serum. We couldn't wait to get our hands on it and test it for ourselves. (continue below)

“Fine lines and wrinkles aren’t the only things that make us look older.

Weak skin structure, poor skin tone and sullen features contribute an estimated 86% to our impression of age!

“You never hear about Glycation because there hasn’t been an effective solution, until now!”

Our 60 day focus group testing process
We ran a craigslist ad for participants to test an anti-aging skin care product for 60 days. We didn't tell them what the product is called, how it works, who made it, or any other information that would influence their opinion. They were just asked to use the product as directed for a total of 60 days and come in our offices without makeup for pictures.

We really wanted to see if we could confirm the amazing clinical's results that came from the original French report. In their testing of 500 women they reported an average 8 to 10 year reduction in their appearance. That was the average results!. Remarkable! But we had to test for ourselves!

WOW! Impressive 60 Day Results!
Our 60 day test period is up and it was really worth the wait. As you can clearly see, there's been a dramatic improvement in our test subjects. Arguably the best results we've ever seen from a topical product.

Our focus group members all reported a definite increase in their skins firmness and overall luster. They also reported that AGE Control never felt sticky and had a pleasant fragrance. If there was anything negative about AGE Control it would only be that the directions call for a twice a day application. It was a little demanding for some, but well worth the small inconvenience for the incredible results.

Overall results: 10/10 Outstanding product / Well worth the $50
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